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Duplex Mineral Insulated Thermocouple Cable (MI Cable) with Stainless steel SS316

. Duplex mineral insulated thermocouple cable
. Differnet sheath diameters from 2.0mm to 12.7mm
. Sheath material: SS316
. Standard no. of conductors: 4 conductors
. Internal conductors: Thermocouple J, K, T, E, N
. MI cables with high reliability and high heat resistance
. MI cables withstands vibration and pressures

Technical Data

. Mineral insulated cables are the industry standard, proven choice for high temperature probe fabrication.
. Bulk MI cable is rugged, inexpensive, reliable, widely accepted by industry, and readily available in standard configurations, the metal sheath provides a self-armoured cable, which is mechanically robust even at small diameters.
. The small mass and high thermal conductivity of a properly made cable promotes rapid response of the finished thermocouple assembly.
. Sheath materials can be selected to offer strong resistance against corrosive environments and extremely high temperature effects.

Sheath Material of SS316
: Chemical instrument construction, nuclear power plants, reactor instrumentation, furnace construction, sulphite, chemical pulp, textile, dye, fatty acid, photochemical and pharmaceutical industries.
Max. continuous temperature: 925°C
Heat resistance: Good oxidation resistance in intermittent service to 800°C and in continuous service to 925°C. 
Corrosion resistance: Good resistance to a wide range of chemicals. Highly resistant to complex sulphur compounds used in pulp and paper processing. Also resists attack of marine and corrosive industrial atmospheres.
Welding: Good characteristics suited to all standard welding methods.

Chemical Composition of Stainless Steel Sheath                 


Sheath Material


Chemical Composition

Max. Temp. In Air Melting Temp.
C Si Mn P S Cr Ni


SS316 ≤0.08 ≤1.00


≤0.035 ≤0.03 16-19


Mo: 1.8-2.5



Sheath Specification                                                
 Outside sheath diameter   ±0.05mm or ±1% of nominal diameter
 Wall thickness  10% of sheath diameter as a minimum
 Wire diameter  15% of sheath diameter as a minimum for 2 wires,
 12% of sheath diameter as a minimum for 4 wires,
 9% of sheath diameter as a minimum for 6 wires. 
 Calibration  To meet special limits of error as defined in ASTM-E230 and IEC 60584-2
 MgO purity  99.6% MgO powder

Calibration Tolerance



 Special Limits (Grade I)

 Standard Limits (Grade II)      Temperature Range (℃)     

 K (Chromel vs Alumel)     

 ±1.5°C or ±0.4%   ±2.5°C or ±0.75%  -40~1000     

 J (Iron vs Constantan)     


 E (Chromel vs Constantan)


 T (Copper vs Constantan)

 ±1°C or ±0.75%  -40~350

Order Code

Order Code of Mineral Insulated Thermocouple Cable (MI Cable):  


Sheath OD (mm)    

Sheath Material    

 Type K     

 Type J     

 Type E     

 Type T     

 MICD-K-2.0-SS316  MICD-J-2.0-SS316





 MICD-K-2.4-SS316  MICD-J-2.4-SS316  MICD-E-2.4-SS316  MICD-T-2.4-SS316  2.4  SS316
 MICD-K-3.0-SS316  MICD-J-3.0-SS316  MICD-E-3.0-SS316  MICD-T-3.0-SS316  3.0  SS316
 MICD-K-3.2-SS316  MICD-J-3.2-SS316  MICD-E-3.2-SS316  MICD-T-3.2-SS316  3.2  SS316
 MICD-K-4.0-SS316  MICD-J-4.0-SS316  MICD-E-4.0-SS316  MICD-T-4.0-SS316  4.0  SS316
 MICD-K-4.5-SS316  MICD-J-4.5-SS316  MICD-E-4.5-SS316  MICD-T-4.5-SS316  4.5  SS316
 MICD-K-4.8-SS316  MICD-J-4.8-SS316  MICD-E-4.8-SS316  MICD-T-4.8-SS316  4.8  SS316
 MICD-K-5.0-SS316  MICD-J-5.0-SS316  MICD-E-5.0-SS316  MICD-T-5.0-SS316  5.0  SS316
 MICD-K-6.0-SS316  MICD-J-6.0-SS316  MICD-E-6.0-SS316  MICD-T-6.0-SS316  6.0  SS316
 MICD-K-6.4-SS316  MICD-J-6.4-SS316  MICD-E-6.4-SS316  MICD-T-6.4-SS316  6.4  SS316
 MICD-K-8.0-SS316  MICD-J-8.0-SS316  MICD-E-8.0-SS316  MICD-T-8.0-SS316  8.0  SS316
 MICD-K-9.5-SS316  MICD-J-9.5-SS316  MICD-E-9.5-SS316  MICD-T-9.5-SS316  9.5  SS316
 MICD-K-10.0-SS316  MICD-J-10.0-SS316  MICD-E-10.0-SS316  MICD-T-10.0-SS316  10.0  SS316
 MICD-K-10.8-SS316  MICD-J-10.8-SS316  MICD-E-10.8-SS316  MICD-T-10.8-SS316  10.8  SS316
 MICD-K-12.7-SS316  MICD-J-12.7-SS316  MICD-E-12.7-SS316  MICD-T-12.7-SS316  12.7  SS316

Order Example:
 1. If you order MI thermcouple cable is special limits, please change calibration "K" to "KK", it means "MICD-KK-0.5-SS316".
 2. For other calibration such as type N is also available.



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