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Duplex Mineral Insulated Thermocouple Cable (MI Cable) with Stainless steel SS310

. Duplex MI Cable, 4 conductors
. Differnet sheath diameters are available
. Sheath material: SS310
. High purity ≥99.6% MgO insulation mineral powder
. Internal conductors: Thermocouple J, K, T, E, N
. MI cables with high reliability and high heat resistance
. MI cables withstands vibration and pressures

Technical Data

Sheath Material of SS310
: Nuclear power plants, crude oil and petrochemistry, furnace construction, heat exchangers, air heaters, cement and brick kilns, glass works, jet engine afterburner and gas inlet temperature measuring applications.
Max. continuous temperature: 1150°C
Heat resistance: Good resistance to oxidation in intermittent service in air at temperatures up to 1150°C in continuous service. Good resistance to thermal fatigue and cyclic heating. Widely used where sulphur dioxide gas is encountered at elevated temperatures. Continuous use in 425 to 850°C range not recommended but often performs well in temperatures above and below this range. 
Corrosion resistance: Excellent resistance at normal temperatures and when in high temperature service exhibits good resistance to oxidation and carburizing atmospheres up to 900 °C. Resists fuming nitric acid at room temperature and fused nitrates up to 420°C.
Welding: Good characteristics suited to all standard welding methods.

Chemical Composition of Stainless Steel Sheath                 


Sheath Material


Chemical Composition

Max. Temp. In Air Melting Temp.
C Si Mn P S Cr Ni


SS310 ≤0.08 ≤1.00


≤0.035 ≤0.03 16-19


Mo: 1.8-2.5



Sheath Specification                                                
 Outside sheath diameter   ±0.05mm or ±1% of nominal diameter
 Wall thickness  10% of sheath diameter as a minimum
 Wire diameter  15% of sheath diameter as a minimum for 2 wires,
 12% of sheath diameter as a minimum for 4 wires,
 9% of sheath diameter as a minimum for 6 wires. 
 Calibration  To meet special limits of error as defined in ASTM-E230 and IEC 60584-2
 MgO purity  99.6% MgO powder

Calibration Tolerance



 Special Limits (Grade I)

 Standard Limits (Grade II)      Temperature Range (℃)     

 K (Chromel vs Alumel)     

 ±1.5°C or ±0.4%   ±2.5°C or ±0.75%  -40~1000     

 J (Iron vs Constantan)     


 E (Chromel vs Constantan)


 T (Copper vs Constantan)

 ±1°C or ±0.75%  -40~350

Order Code

Order Code of Duplex Mineral Insulated Thermocouple Cable (MI Cable) with Stainless steel SS310:


Sheath OD (mm)    

Sheath Material    

 Type K     

 Type J     

 Type E     

 Type T     

 MICD-K-2.0-SS310  MICD-J-2.0-SS310





 MICD-K-2.4-SS310  MICD-J-2.4-SS310  MICD-E-2.4-SS310  MICD-T-2.4-SS310  2.4  SS310
 MICD-K-3.0-SS310  MICD-J-3.0-SS310  MICD-E-3.0-SS310  MICD-T-3.0-SS310  3.0  SS310
 MICD-K-3.2-SS310  MICD-J-3.2-SS310  MICD-E-3.2-SS310  MICD-T-3.2-SS310  3.2  SS310
 MICD-K-4.0-SS310  MICD-J-4.0-SS310  MICD-E-4.0-SS310  MICD-T-4.0-SS310  4.0  SS310
 MICD-K-4.5-SS310  MICD-J-4.5-SS310  MICD-E-4.5-SS310  MICD-T-4.5-SS310  4.5  SS310
 MICD-K-4.8-SS310  MICD-J-4.8-SS310  MICD-E-4.8-SS310  MICD-T-4.8-SS310  4.8  SS310
 MICD-K-5.0-SS310  MICD-J-5.0-SS310  MICD-E-5.0-SS310  MICD-T-5.0-SS310  5.0  SS310
 MICD-K-6.0-SS310  MICD-J-6.0-SS310  MICD-E-6.0-SS310  MICD-T-6.0-SS310  6.0  SS310
 MICD-K-6.4-SS310  MICD-J-6.4-SS310  MICD-E-6.4-SS310  MICD-T-6.4-SS310  6.4  SS310
 MICD-K-8.0-SS310  MICD-J-8.0-SS310  MICD-E-8.0-SS310  MICD-T-8.0-SS310  8.0  SS310
 MICD-K-9.5-SS310  MICD-J-9.5-SS310  MICD-E-9.5-SS310  MICD-T-9.5-SS310  9.5  SS310
 MICD-K-10.0-SS310  MICD-J-10.0-SS310  MICD-E-10.0-SS310  MICD-T-10.0-SS310  10.0  SS310
 MICD-K-10.8-SS310  MICD-J-10.8-SS310  MICD-E-10.8-SS310  MICD-T-10.8-SS310  10.8  SS310
 MICD-K-12.7-SS310  MICD-J-12.7-SS310  MICD-E-12.7-SS310  MICD-T-12.7-SS310  12.7  SS310

Order Example:
 1. If you order MI thermcouple cable is special limits, please change calibration "K" to "KK", it means "MICD-KK-0.5-SS310".
 2. For other calibration such as type N is also available.



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