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Bare Thermocouple Wire

​Zonzen can extrude, tape, wrap, serve and braid various insulation materials (Teflon FEP, PFA, PTFE, PVC, Kapton, Silicone rubber and Fiberglass) on Thermocouple Wires, Extension Wires and Compensation Wires, and most of our insulated thermocouple wires or extension wires are colored according to ANSI, IEC, JIS and DIN code, and they can be identified by their color or tracer. The wire sizes of our thermocouple wires are from 8AWG to 40AWG, and the temp. range of the insulation materials are from 100 °C to 1200 °C. The custom-made thermocouple wires are also available.
Bare Thermocouple Wire

​Bare thermocouple wire is wire without any insulation. 
Normally it is sold on a spool and ordered as a pair.
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