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Probe Tube Spring Thermocouple (ZZ-PS01-PT100)

  • ZZ-PS01-PT100


  • 9025900090

Product Description

Probe Tube Spring Thermocouple (ZZ-PS01-PT100)                                                                                                                                       

. A thermocouple is a sensor that measures temperature.
A thermocouple probe consists of thermocouple wire housed inside a metallic tube. The wall of probe tube is stainless steel 
. It is an electrical device consisting of two different type of metals. 
. When a thermocouple is grounded, both thermocouple wire and sheath are welded together to form one junction at the probe tip . 
. When the junction of two metals is heated or cooled, a voltage is created that can be correlated back to the temperature. 
. Thermocouple calibration: type K, J & PT100 

Model ZZ-PS01-Pt100
Calibration Pt100
Accurancy Class 1 or Class 2
Color code ANSI
Lead wire Conductor  3*7/0.20mm
Construction Parallel, flat  
Insulation Fiberglass 
shield Stainless steel overbraided
Junction Grounded 
Temperature range 0-480℃
Lead wire length 2m
Wire color   +yellow, -red
Probe tube outer diameter 4.8mm 
Probe tube length 50-150mm
Material of probe tube stainless steel
Spring length 100mm
Spring material Stainless steel
Type Pt100 Probe spring thermocouple






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