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Bayonet Spring Thermocouple (ZZ-BST02-J)

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Product Description

Adjustable Bayonet Cap On Spring 
A Bayonet Thermocouple is a general purpose temperature sensor which uses a Bayonet type mounting for process connection. The adjustable bayonet cap allows the sensor to have a positive pressure at the tip when installed correctly.

. Good heat transfer through adjustable spring pressure 
. Insulated assembly or connected with protection tube 
. The sensor can be adjusted to a specific length and mounted into the process
. Interchangeable and easily replaceable

Model ZZ-BST01
Calibration Type K, J
Conductor diameter 2*7/0.30mm,2*7/0.20mm, 2*7/0.16mm, 2*1/0.5mm
Construction Parallel, Flat
Insulation & shield FB-FB-SSB, FB-SSB
Accurancy Class 1 or Class 2
Junction Grounded or ungrounded
Temperature range 0-480℃
Lead wire length 1m TO 10m
Bayonet cap ID. 12.40mm
Bayonet slot 1 or 2
Adapter without
Adapter (OD.*length) 11mm * 22mm 
Bell Spring (OD. *length) 4.8mm *100mm
Probe tube(OD.*length) 4.8mm*15mm
Bayonet cap (OD. & ID.) 16mm & 12.40mm
Material of bayonet & adapter Nickel plated brass
Material of spring stainless steel
Type Bayonet spring thermocouple

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