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Sharp Probe Tube Thermocouple with Miniature Plug Connector

  • ZZ-WT-M02JM
  • 9025900090

Product Description

. A thermocouple is a sensor for measuring temperature.
. Thermocouple wire or mineral insulated cable is used to make thermocouple probes in order to sense temperature. 
. Miniature connector can be easily connected to your meter or measurement system.
. Temperature range: 0-260℃
. Thermocouple calibration: type K, J & T

Model ZZ-WT-M02JM
Calibration Type J
Accuracy Class 1 or Class 2
Color code ANSI
Lead wire Conductor  Iron-Constantan, 2*7/0.20mm
Construction Parallel, flat  
Type  PFA Insulated & jacketed stranded #24AWG
Insulation PFA
shield Without 
Color code +White , -red, jacket: brown
Length  1m
Junction Grounded 
Temperature range 0-260℃
Termination   Type  Miniature connector
Top model  ZZ-M02-J (MALE )
End model  Sharp, stainless steel tube, dia. 4.8mm, length:200mm
Calibration Type J
Color  Black  
Type Type J wire with mini. connector thermocouple



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