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ZDR DC solid state relay SSR 10Amps ~ 120Amps

▪ Optical isolation between input and output circuits
▪ Control signal and TTL logic interface
▪ Transistor output, small on-state voltage drop, fast switching speed
▪ LEDs indicate the working status
▪ Epoxuy resin encapsulation integrated, anti-corrosion and shock proof, reliable work
  • ZDR


Product Description

DC solid state relay is mainly used in industrial automation, isolated control of weak current and strong current and various high-power DC electrical equipment, such as DC motors, solenoid valves, electromagnetic vibrators, batteries charge and discharge switch etc.

Ordering options


1. ZDR: DC solid state relays
2. Load current: 10: 10Amps, 25: 25Amps, 40: 40Amps, 60: 60Amps, 80: 80Amps, 100: 100Amps, 120: 120Amps
3. Control voltage: D: 3~32VDC 
4. Output voltage: D12: 12~120VDC, D24: 12~240VDC, D40: 12~400VDC, D60: 12~600VDC, D90: 12~900VDC, D120: 12~1200VDC

Product Selection

Control voltage

Load voltage Rated operational current
10Amps 25Amps 40Amps 60Amps 80Amps 100Amps 120Amps
3 to 32 Vdc 120 VDC ZDR10DD12 ZDR25DD12 ZDR40DD12 ZDR60DD12 ZDR80DD12 ZDR100DD12 ZDR120DD12
3 to 32 Vdc 240 VDC ZDR10DD24 ZDR25DD24 ZDR40DD24 ZDR60DD24 ZDR80DD24 ZDR100DD24 ZDR120DD24
3 to 32 Vdc 400 VDC ZDR10DD40 ZDR25DD40 ZDR40DD40 ZDR60DD40 ZDR80DD40 ZDR100DD40 ZDR120DD40
3 to 32 Vdc 600 VDC ZDR10DD60 ZDR25DD60 ZDR40DD60 ZDR60DD60 ZDR80DD60 ZDR100DD60 ZDR120DD60
3 to 32 Vdc 900 VDC ZDR10DD90 ZDR25DD90 ZDR40DD90 ZDR60DD90 ZDR80DD90 ZDR100DD90 ZDR120DD90
3 to 32 Vdc 1200 VDC ZDR10DD120 ZDR25DD120 ZDR40DD120 ZDR60DD120 ZDR80DD120 ZDR100DD120 ZDR120DD120

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