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Popular Miniature Panel Mount Thermocouple Connector

. Mini panel mount socket connector
. Model No.: ZZ-PM1
. Available in type K, J, E, T, N, R/S
. Miniature type, as a set with the male of ZZ-M09
. The max temperature is to 220°C
. The material of body: Thermoplastic
. ANSI or IEC coded color
  • ZZ-PM1


  • 8536690000

Product Description

Popular Miniature Panel Mount Thermocouple Connector


Order code Description Calibration Material of Pins Material of Body Max. temperature Color
Positive (+) Negtive (-)
ZZ-PM1-K-F Female Type K NiCr NiAl Thermoplastic 220 Yellow
ZZ-PM1-J-F Female Type J Fe CuNi Thermoplastic 220 Black
ZZ-PM1-T-F Female Type T Cu CuNi Thermoplastic 220 Blue
ZZ-PM1-E-F Female Type E NiCr CuNi Thermoplastic 220 Violet
ZZ-PM1-N-F Female Type N NiCrSi NiSiMg Thermoplastic 220 Orange
ZZ-PM1-S-F Female Type S Cu CuNi Thermoplastic 220 Green


Mini panel mounted connector-1

Mini panel mounted connector-2

Mini panel mounted connector

Product Pictures

Type K
ZZ-PM1-K (侧面) ZZ-PM1-K (上面) ZZ-PM1-K (正面)
Type J
ZZ-PM1-J (正面) ZZ-PM1-J (侧面) ZZ-PM1-J (背面)
Type T
ZZ-PM1-T (正面) ZZ-PM1-T (侧面) ZZ-PM1-T (背面)
Type S
ZZ-PM1-R (正面) ZZ-PM1-R (上面) ZZ-PM1-R (侧面)



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