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PVC insulated 3 cores RTD wire with tinned copper braid - Twisted

Model: PVC-SSB-PVC-3CU-24S
Number of cores: 3 cores
Wire size: 24AWG, 3*7/0.2MM, stranded
Conductor insulation: PVC
Inner shield: Tinned copper braid
Jacket insulation: PVC
Type of wire: Twisted
Color: 2 red, 1 white, Jacket: white
Max. temperature: 105 ℃

Product Description

1) Continuous use up to 105
2) Short term use up to 150
3) Good chemical and moisture resistance
4) Provides accurate temperature measure with high temperature stability
5) Test report is available
Model explanation:
1. Conductor insulation: PVC
2. Inner shield: Tinned copper
2. Jacket insulation: PVC
4. No. of core: 3
5. Conductor: Silver-plated copper
6. Wire size: 24AWG, 7/0.20mm
7. “S” means “Stranded, Blank means Solid


Model no. PVC-TCB-PVC-3CU-24S
Conductor   Size 24AWG, 3*7/0.20MM, Stranded
Cross sectional area 0.22mm2
Construction Twisted
No. of core 3
Conductor insulation Material PVC
Thickness 0.35MM
Type Extruded
Color 2 Red, 1 White
Inner shield Material Tinned copper
Thickness 0.25mm
Type Braided
Jacket insulation Material FEP
Thickness 0.60MM
Type Extruded
Color White
Outer diameter 4.6mm (+/-0.1mm)
Max. Operating temperature 105
Packing 100M -1000M per Roll or spool (As required)



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