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VGM Series Dual Solid State Relay SSR 25Amps ~ 75Amps

▪ Rated operational current 25, 50, 75Amps
▪ Rated operational voltage 480VAC or 600VAC
▪ Input voltage range 4 to 32VDC
▪ 2500Vrms optical isolation. (input/output)
▪ Both "Zero voltage" & phase controllable "Random switching versions
  • VGM


Product Description

VGM series Solid State Relays are Dual AC relays,Triac or SCR Output. The Triac version of the zero switching relay is an inexpensive solution for resistive loads. The zero switching relay switches on when the AC sine voltage just crosses zero,and switches off when the current crosses zero. The SCR Output is Dual SCR Power Hybrid technology provides highly efficient thermal management for greatly increased cyclic life.

Ordering options


1. VGM: dual solid state relay
2. Load current: 25: 25Amps, 50: 50Amps, 75: 75Amps
3. Control voltage: D: 4~32VDC 
4. Output voltage: A48: 24~480VAC, A60: 24~600VAC
5. Switching mode: Z: Zero cross turn-on, R: Random turn-on

Product Selection

Control voltage

Output voltage Rated operational current
25Amps 50Amps 75Amps

4 to 32 Vdc

480 VAC "Z" VGM25DA48Z VGM50DA48Z VGM75DA48Z
4 to 32 Vdc 480 VAC "R" VGM25DA48R VGM50DA48R VGM75DA48R
4 to 32 Vdc 600 VAC "Z" VGM25DA60Z VGM50DA60Z VGM75DA60Z
4 to 32 Vdc 600 VAC "R" VGM25DA60R VGM50DA60R VGM75DA60R


Connection Diagram

Connection Diagram





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