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FEP insulated RTD wire with aluminum mylar tape and drain wire

Model: FEP-AL-D-FEP-3CU-24S
Number of cores: 3 cores
Wire size: 24AWG, 3*7/0.2MM, stranded
Conductor insulation: FEP
Inner screen: Aluminum mylar tape
Drain wire: Tinned copper, 7/0.20mm
Jacket insulation: FEP
Type of wire: Twisted
Color: 2 red, 1 white, Jacket: white
Max. temperature: 200 ℃

Product Description

F eatures:
1) Continuous use up to 200℃
2) Short term use up to 250℃
3) Excellent chemical, abrasion and moisture resistance
4) Provides accurate temperature measure with high temperature stability
5) Test report is available

Model explanation: 
1. Conductor insulation: FEP
2. Inner screen: Aluminum mylar tape
3. Drain wire: Tinned copper, 7/0.20mm
4. Jacket insulation: FEP
5. No. of core: 3
6. Conductor: Silver-plated copper
7. Wire size: 24AWG, 7/0.20mm, Stranded
8. “S means “Stranded”, "Blank" means "Solid

Model no.

Conductor   Size 24AWG, 3*7/0.20MM, Stranded
Cross sectional area 0.22mm2
Construction Twisted
No. of core 3
Inner screen Aluminum mylar tape
Drain wire Tinned copper, 7/0.20mm
Conductor insulation Material FEP
Thickness 0.20MM
Type Extruded
Color Black, White, Red
Jacket insulation Material FEP
Thickness 0.35MM
Type Extruded
Color White
Outer diameter 2.9mm (+/-0.2mm)
Max. Operating temperature 200
Packing 100M -1000M per Roll or spool (As required)


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