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Stainless steel NTC thermistor temperature sensor for wall-hung boilers & boilers

Stainless steel threaded housing
Accurate temperature sensing
Quick response time
Easy for installation
  • ZW20KF3950FA300


Product Description

This product can be applied to G12/G14/G18 water pipes for temperature sensing with accurate temperature measurment and good stability

Product use:
Water heaters, Gas boiler, Wall-hung gas boiler, Water dispensers

Odering options
1. Symbol
2. Rated resistance(25℃): 0.5K, 1K, 5K, 8K, 10K, 15K, 20K, 30K, 50K, 100K, 200K, 500K
3. Resistance tolerance(%): E: ± 0.5, F: ± 1.0, G: ± 2.0, H: ± 3.0, J: ± 5.0, K: ± 10, X: Special
4. B value(25/50℃, 25/85℃): 3380K, 3435K, 3450K, 3360K, 3950K, 4050K, 4100K, 4200K, 4300K
5. B value tolerance(%): E: ± 0.5, F: ± 1.0, G: ± 2.0, H: ± 3.0, J: ± 5.0, K: ± 10, X: Special
6. B value temperature: A: 25/50℃, B: 25/85℃, C: -20/25℃, D: 0/25℃, E: 0/50℃, F: 0/100℃
                                      G: 5/25℃, H: 25/75℃, M: 25/100℃, N: 100/200℃, X: Special
7. Cable lenth(mm): 100~2000MM


Wire cable

UL4413#26AWG Black
Resin Black
Tube Black heat-shrinkable sleeve

R25=50KΩ±1%, B25/50=3950±1%, MF58R

Connector SM-2P
Shell Stainless steel theaded housing
Rated power 1500V/3mA/5s
Response time 3~20s
Operating temperature -50~120℃




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