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SS321 Mineral Insulated Heating Cable with 1 conductor (NiCr80/20)

. Sheath material: Stainless steel SS321
. MI heating cable with 1 Conductor.
. All cables are tested in our test lab.
. All our mineral insulated heating cables are delivered with a certificate of conformity.
. Highly robust and mechanically stable
. High output per meter
. High operating temperatures up to 700 °C
. High chemical resistance
. Hermetically sealed metal sheath

Technical Data

. Mineral insulated heating cables shall have a maximum maintain temperature 550°C and a maximum continuous exposure temperature of 650°. Higher temperature / power capabilities may also be available depending on the application.
. They are suitable for heating of pipes, vessels, tank container, flanges and valves, even they can be used in floors or concrete wall structures.
. Mineral insulated heating cables sheath with seamless stainless steel or alloy. And inner heating conductor with high purity ≥99.6% MgO insulation.
. A wide range of resistances ensures the termination of a multitude of heating cable length with various outputs (up to 200 watts per meter) and nominal voltages (300 V or 600 V).

Sheath Material of SS321
: Nuclear power plants, reactor instrumentation, construction of chemical instruments, such as production of acetyl acid and nitric acids, heat exchangers, annealing furnaces, paper and textile industry, crude oil refinement and petrochemistry, fat and soap industry, food processing, dairy and fermentation works.
Max. continuous temperature: 900°C
Heat resistance: Good oxidation resistance in intermittent service to 800°C and in continuous service to 900°C. Resistant to carbon dioxide up to 650°C 
Corrosion resistance: Excellent resistance to aggressive environments such as hot crude oil products, steam and combustion gases.
Welding: Suitable for all standard welding methods.

Chemical Composition of Stainless Steel Sheath                 


Sheath Material


Chemical Composition

Max. Temp. In Air Melting Temp.
C Si Mn P S Cr Ni


SS321 ≤0.12 ≤1.00


≤0.035 ≤0.03 17-19





Order Code

Order Code of SS321 Mineral Insulated Heating Cable with 1 conductor (NiCr80/20):

Sheath material
Heating conductor
Sheath diameter
Conductor diameter
Resistance at 20c
SS321 NiCr80/20 1.6 0.16 0.36 11.00 0.01 100 MIH-NI-11.0*1-1.6-SS321
2.4 0.24 0.55 4.60 0.023 150 MIH-NI-4.6*1-2.4-SS321
3.2 0.32 0.76 2.40 0.044 150 MIH-NI-2.4*1-3.2-SS321
3.2 0.32 1.13 1.10 0.045 150 MIH-NI-1.1*1-3.2-SS321
4.8 0.48 0.97 1.50 0.115 70 MIH-NI-1.5*1-4.8-SS321
6.4 0.64 1.32 0.80 0.18 50 MIH-NI-0.8*1-6.4-SS321



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