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Expendable Thermocouple (Tips)

  • 604B

Product Description

Application: We manufacture a variety of models for various requirements, such as type 602, 604A &604B. The thermocouple tips are available in a range of calibrations. The junctions are: 1. Platinum & Platinum 10% Rhodium (Type S) 2. Platinum & Platinum 13% Rhodium (Type R) 3. Platinum 6% Rhodium & Platinum 30% Rhodium (Type B) The Platinum & Platinum alloy wires are housed in a quartz tube capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 1800°C.

Technical Data Sheet

 Technical Date:


         Order Code.


         Successful test rate


         Response time






         Max. temperature




         > 98%




         S: PtRh 10% --Pt






         R: PtRh 13% --Pt






         B: PtRh 30% -- PtRh6%








         W: Wre 3% --Wre 25%






         Protective tube


         Internal diameter (ID)






         Paper tube




         As per customer’s requirement up to 1800mm








         Protective cap




         Metal cap









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