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Digital Thermometer (TM6801B)

  • TM6801B

Product Description

Digital thermometer provide fast and accurate temperature measurement for a variety of applications. Many different styles of probes are available to suit almost any kind of job in which contact thermomenters are used. Air and gas temperatures,internal food temperatures, and surface temperatures in both industrial and commercial environments can be made using these instruments.Most units are provided with miniature plug connector,a single unit can be used with a variety of probes.

Technical Data Sheet


Model TM6801B     
Temperture Range 0ºC-1300ºC,32ºF-1999ºF   
Resolution 0.1ºC or 0.1ºF   
Accuracy 0ºC-1300ºC,±0.3% rdg +1ºC
32ºF-1999ºF,±0.3% rdg +1ºF     
Input Signal    K     





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