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99.5% Alumina Thermocouple Protection Tube

. Alumina ceramic tube 99.5%
. Material 99.5% alumina oxide
. Color: White, Pink, Yellow
. Shape: One end closed
. Size: Customers' requirement available

Product Description

Alumina Thermocouple protection tubes are available as a closed end tube with a reusable stainless steel coupling device. This device has 2 ways to use: the thermocouple protection tube can be hung by the flange or attached via the threaded end of the coupling device.

. Materials:99.5% alumina oxide
. Color: White, pink, yellow
. Shape: One end closed
. Application: Used for all kinds of electric heating equipment and electric equipment, and textile machinery


Tech-data Test conditions Unit 99.5%AL2O3
Density         g/cm3 3.7
Bending Strength         N/m3 >2.74×108
Linear Expansibility 20~1000C ×10-6/0C -
20~5000C ×10-6/0C 6.2~7.5
20~8000C ×10-6/0C 6.5~8.0
Specific Inductive Capacity 1MH2         9~10.5
10GMH2          -
Dielectric Loss Value 1MH2 ×10-6 ≤1.5
Tangent 10GMH2 ×10-6 -
Volume Resistance 1000C Ω·cm >1014
3000C Ω·cm >1012
5000C Ω·cm -
Breakdown Strength         KV/mm -
Thermal Conductivity 200C W/m·K 29.2



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