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ZVR series AC solid state voltage regulators 10~60Amps

▪ SCR phase-shifted output, wide adjustment range
▪ Built-in resistance-capacitance absorption circuit, surge absorption protection is more reliable
▪ International standardized installation dimensions
▪ LED indicates working status
▪ Epoxy resin potting, strong anti-corrosion and anti-explosion ability
▪ Flame retardant housing with safety cover
▪ Simple to use, the output voltage can be adjusted by external potentiometer
  • ZVR

Product Description

ZVR series is non-isolated single phase voltage regulator, regulating potentiometer is 470K/2W, 680K/2W. It is the most widely used industrial voltage regulator. Load Voltage  Ratings10~60A.

Ordering options


1. ZVR: AC SSR Voltage Regulator
2. Load current: 10: 10Amps, 25: 25Amps, 40: 40Amps, 60: 60Amps
3. Output voltage: 22: 0-220VAC, 38: 0-380VAC
4. Potentiometer control: PE: 470
kΩ/2W, PW: 680kΩ/2W

Product Selection

Control voltage Output voltage Rated operational current
10Amps 25Amps 40Amps 60Amps
470K 0~220VAC ZVR10PE22 ZVR25PE22 ZVR40PE22 ZVR60PE22
470K 0~380VAC ZVR10PE38 ZVR25PE38 ZVR40PE38 ZVR60PE38
680K 0~220VAC ZVR10PW22 ZVR25PW22 ZVR40PW22 ZVR60PW22
680K 0~380VAC ZVR10PW38 ZVR25PW38 ZVR40PW38 ZVR60PW38

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