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Newest model VSR series SSR relay DC to AC or AC to AC 10Amps ~ 120Amps

▪ Rating of 15A, 25A, 40A, 60A, 80A, 100A and 120A
▪ Output voltage of 24~280VAC, 24~480VAC and 48~660VAC
▪ Control voltage of 3~32VDC, 18~36VAC/DC, 20~265VAC/DC and 90~280VAC
▪ Zero crossing and random-on switching
▪ Integrated IP20 touch-safe removable covers
▪ Dielectric strength 4000VACrms
▪ LED input status indicator
  • VSR


Product Description

VSR series is one of our newly developed patented single phase solid state relay, widely used in various industrial applications, and can be used for resistive, inductive or capacitive loads. The control voltage is 3-32VDC or 90-280VAC, load voltage is 280VAC, 480VAC, and load current range from 10 to 120A.

1. Flip design with cover protection
2. Integral fixed gasket
3. SMT double panel full patch process
4. Strong anti-interference ability
5. Accurate control
6. Excellent thermal conductivity
7. Strong insulation characteristics
8. Mult-layer sealing design, waterproof, dustproof and salt fog resistance, can be used in harsh environment

Ordering options


1. VSR: Single phase solid state relay
2. Load current: 15: 15Amps, 25: 25Amps, 40: 40Amps, 60: 60Amps, 80: 80Amps, 100: 100Amps, 120: 120Amps
3. Control voltage: D: 3~32VDC, A: 90~280VAC, U: 18~36VAC/DC, G: 20~265VAC/DC
4. Output voltage: A28: 24~280VAC, A48: 24~480VAC, A66: 48~660VAC
5. Switching mode: Z: Zero cross turn-on, R: Random turn-on

Product Selection

Control voltage

Load voltage Rated operational current
15Amps 25Amps 40Amps 60Amps 80Amps 100Amps 120Amps
3 to 32 Vdc 280 VAC "Z" VSR15DA28Z VSR25DA28Z VSR40DA28Z VSR60DA28Z VSR80DA28Z VSR100DA28Z VSR120DA28Z
3 to 32 Vdc 280 VAC "R" VSR15DA28R VSR25DA28R VSR40DA28R VSR60DA28R VSR80DA28R VSR100DA28R VSR120DA28R
90 to 280Vac 280 VAC "Z" VSR15AA28Z VSR25AA28Z VSR40AA28Z VSR60AA28Z VSR80AA28Z VSR100AA28Z VSR120AA28Z
90 to 280Vac 280 VAC "R" VSR15AA28R VSR25AA28R VSR40AA28R VSR60AA28R VSR80AA28R VSR100AA28R VSR120AA28R
18~36Vac/dc 280 VAC "Z" VSR15UA28Z VSR25UA28Z VSR40UA28Z VSR60UA28Z VSR80UA28Z VSR100UA28Z VSR120UA28Z
18~36Vac/dc 280 VAC "R" VSR15UA28R VSR25UA28R VSR40UA28R VSR60UA28R VSR80UA28R VSR100UA28R VSR120UA28R
20~265Vac/dc 280 VAC "Z" VSR15GA28Z VSR25GA28Z VSR40GA28Z VSR60GA28Z VSR80GA28Z VSR100GA28Z VSR120GA28Z
20~265Vac/dc 280 VAC "R" VSR15GA28R VSR25GA28R VSR40GA28R VSR60GA28R VSR80GA28R VSR100GA28R VSR120GA28R
3 to 32 Vdc 480 VAC "Z" VSR15DA48Z VSR25DA48Z VSR40DA48Z VSR60DA48Z VSR80DA48Z VSR100DA48Z VSR120DA48Z
3 to 32 Vdc 480 VAC "R" VSR15DA48R VSR25DA48R VSR40DA48R VSR60DA48R VSR80DA48R VSR100DA48R VSR120DA48R
90 to 280Vac 480 VAC "Z" VSR15AA48Z VSR25AA48Z VSR40AA48Z VSR60AA48Z VSR80AA48Z VSR100AA48Z VSR120AA48Z
90 to 280Vac 480 VAC "R" VSR15AA48R VSR25AA48R VSR40AA48R VSR60AA48R VSR80AA48R VSR100AA48R VSR120AA48R
18~36Vac/dc 480 VAC "Z" VSR15UA48Z VSR25UA48Z VSR40UA48Z VSR60UA48Z VSR80UA48Z VSR100UA48Z VSR120UA48Z
18~36Vac/dc 480 VAC "R" VSR15UA48R VSR25UA48R VSR40UA48R VSR60UA48R VSR80UA48R VSR100UA48R VSR120UA48R
20~265Vac/dc 480 VAC "Z" VSR15GA48Z VSR25GA48Z VSR40GA48Z VSR60GA48Z VSR80GA48Z VSR100GA48Z VSR120GA48Z
20~265Vac/dc 480 VAC "R" VSR15GA48R VSR25GA48R VSR40GA48R VSR60GA48R VSR80GA48R VSR100GA48R VSR120GA48R
4~32Vdc 660 VAC "Z" VSR15DA66Z VSR25DA66Z VSR40DA66Z VSR60DA66Z VSR80DA66Z VSR100DA66Z VSR120DA66Z
4~32Vdc 660 VAC "R" VSR15DA66R VSR25DA66R VSR40DA66R VSR60DA66R VSR80DA66R VSR100DA66R VSR120DA66R
90 to 280Vac 660 VAC "Z" VSR15AA66Z VSR25AA66Z VSR40AA66Z VSR60AA66Z VSR80AA66Z VSR100AA66Z VSR120AA66Z
90 to 280Vac 660 VAC "R" VSR15AA66R VSR25AA66R VSR40AA66R VSR60AA66R VSR80AA66R VSR100AA66R VSR120AA66R
18~36Vac/dc 660 VAC "Z" VSR15UA66Z VSR25UA66Z VSR40UA66Z VSR60UA66Z VSR80UA66Z VSR100UA66Z VSR120UA66Z
18~36Vac/dc 660 VAC "R" VSR15UA66R VSR25UA66R VSR40UA66R VSR60UA66R VSR80UA66R VSR100UA66R VSR120UA66R
20~265Vac/dc 660 VAC "Z" VSR15GA66Z VSR25GA66Z VSR40GA66Z VSR60GA66Z VSR80GA66Z VSR100GA66Z VSR120GA66Z
20~265Vac/dc 660 VAC "R" VSR15GA66R VSR25GA66R VSR40GA66R VSR60GA66R VSR80GA66R VSR100GA66R VSR120GA66R

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