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DC to AC Single phase solid state relay(White)

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▪ Photoelectric isolation between control loop and load loop
▪ Zero-crossing output or random turn-on can be selected
▪ International Standardized Installation Dimensions
▪ LED indicates working status
▪ Built-in RC absorption circuit, strong anti-interference ability
▪ Epoxy resin potting, strong anti-corrosion and anti-explosion ability
▪ DC 3-32VDC input control
  • ZSR

Product Description


1. Flip design with Cover protection
2. Integral fixed gasket
3. SMT double panel full patch process
4. Strong anti-interference ability
5. Accurate control
6. Excellent thermal conductivity
7. Strong insulation characteristics
8. Mult-layer sealing design, waterproof, dustproof and salt fog resistance, can be used in harsh environment

Ordering options:


1. ZSR: Single phase solid state relay
2. Load current: 10: 10Amps, 25: 25Amps, 40: 40Amps
                              60: 60Amps, 80: 80Amps, 100: 100Amps, 120: 120Amps
3. Control voltage: D: 3~32VDC
4. Output voltage: A28: 24~280VAC, A48: 48~480VAC
5. Switching type: Z: Zero cross turn-on
                                  R: Radom turn-on

Product Selection:

Control voltage Output voltage Rated operational current
10Amps 25Amps 40Amps 60Amps 80Amps 100Amps 120Amps
3 to 32 Vdc 280 VAC "Z" ZSR10DA28Z ZSR25DA28Z ZSR40DA28Z ZSR60DA28Z ZSR80DA28Z ZSR100DA28Z ZSR120DA28Z
3 to 32 Vdc 280 VAC "R" ZSR10DA28R ZSR25DA28R ZSR40DA28R ZSR60DA28R ZSR80DA28R ZSR100DA28R ZSR120DA28R
3 to 32 Vdc 480 VAC "Z" ZSR10DA48Z ZSR25DA48Z ZSR40DA48Z ZSR60DA48Z ZSR80DA48Z ZSR100DA48Z ZSR120DA48Z
3 to 32 Vdc 480 VAC "R" ZSR10DA48R ZSR25DA48R ZSR40DA48R ZSR60DA48R ZSR80DA48R ZSR100DA48R ZSR120DA48R

Connection Diagram:




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