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CCP-T Coiled Cords Thermocouple With Molded Mini Plug

  • ZZ-CCP-T
  • 9025900090

Product Description

CCP-T Coiled Cords Thermocouple With Molded Mini Plug 

. Thermocouple wire with Special Limits wire: ±1.1℃ 
. Construction: 24 AWG or 26 AWG stranded conductors 
. Calibration: K, J, T & PT100
. Teflon inner insulation keep cord greater strength and higher operating temperature 
. PU outer insulation offers fast and strong snap back, molded plug locks the wires in place and can withstand pull up to 20 lb

Model ZZ-CCP-T
Calibration Type T
Color  Blue
Conductor diameter  2*7/0.16MM
Construction Round
Insulation PP-PU-26S 2*7/0.16MM  
PVC-PVC-26S 2*7/0.16MM
Accurancy Class 2
Junction Grounded
Max. temperature 120℃
Retracted length 200mm (use wire 1.60m)
Extended length 2.0m
Color code ANSI, IEC
Molded plug Miniature male connector
Type Coiled cords thermocouple with molded mini plug



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